The Repertoire

Below we list some of the songs you may hear if you come to an Out Of Egypt concert. We're learning new songs all the time and open to suggestions about what we could play.

Apple Pie
This is one of an increasing number of songs written by our Gary that the band plays. Inspired by the parable of the Sower, it goes further, suggesting what could happen if you reject the gospel.
Are You Washed In The Blood
There's no need to explain this title to a Christian The inspiration for our interpretation of this song is Alan Jackson, who takes it a whole lot faster than Willie Nelson and many others. Indeed, we normally link it with "I'll Fly Away" just as he does.
Crying Holy To The Lord
This song, also known as "On The Rock Where Moses Stood", has been recorded by many, from Bill Munroe, whose band "The Blue Grass Boys" gave its name to a whole new style of music to Joanne Cash and George Hamilton IV. Our version is closer to the latter but doesn't use their lyrics!
Egyptian Sand
A song by our guitarist. Gary. Some say it was the inspiration for our name, but what can be said is that it explores how you should handle the frying pan when you thought you only had to escape the fire.
Give Me Strength
This is one of two songs that we sing written by Eric Clapton, at least that is what the credits say on his recording, in spite of his autobiography saying it was "a song I first heard in London during the early sixties". Whatever it's origins, it makes a perfect prayer.
I Can't Even Walk
Colbert and Joyce Croft wrote this song in the 1970s, so it's a bit modern for our Greg. Written after prayer at a time of intense despair it's a powerful song that tells how you always have a saviour to whom you can turn.
I Have Decided To Follow Jesus
Reputedly based on the last words of Nokseng an Indian tribesman executed by his tribal chief for refusing to reject his new faith even after his children then his wife were put to death.
I'll Fly Away
A song of death and resurrection written in 1929 by Albert E. Brumley which Wikipedia says "has been called the most recorded gospel song". Certainly there are many versions out there.
Let Your Light Shine On Me
Also known as "Light From the Lighthouse" was first recorded in 1923. Greg introduced the song to the band as he was keen on the version he'd heard by Blind Willie Johnson - but there's more to that story!
People Get Ready
Rolling Stone magazine named the song "the 24th greatest song of all time", which may be a bit over the top. There a various ways to interpret this number by Curtis Mayfield. Some see the train references simply as metaphor for freedom or escape. Curtis recognised the influence of his church experiences and we see it that way too.
Presence Of The Lord
This is the other Eric Clapton song we play. Eric claims it is about finding the home he still owns, saying "It was a very personal statement, not necessarily a religious one". That doesn't make sense to us. You can make up your own mind.
Take Your Shoes Off Moses
This is our interpretation of the traditional spiritual about the story of the burning bush in Exodus Chapter Three. We hope our harmony singing does it justice.
The Bible Way
Written by our own Gary, it's a deceptively simple song that we think you'll find yourself humming on the way home from our gig. It tells where to turn to find the answer to life's problems.
The Day Is Done
Another song composed by our Gary! A rollicking number that might be taken to be an Appalachian folk song with its reference to train whistles, but its chorus calls us to baptism and the verses to await judgement day and allow the blood of Christ to wash our sins away.
Welcome Table
Our inspiration for this song comes from the band "Southern Gospel Revival". Originally a spiritual, in the 1960s the song was adopted by the civil rights movement and given new words. Some of the SGR's lyrics didn't seem right for us, so we've adapted their words once more to make it fully spiritual again.