About Us

As indicated on the Home Page, the band emerged from a group of people rehearsing for a "Gospel Night" held at Stalham Baptist Church. After putting in a lot of work it seemed a waste only to play together for a single night so it was decided that we would continue to play together once the concert was over.

We agreed that we would accept invitations to play at nearby churches of any denomination if they were raising money for their church or a Christian charity. We're still not sure what we meant by "nearby". The band charges no set fee, but we did say our aim would be to bring half of what any concert raised back to Stalham Baptist Church.

At our concerts you can expect to learn a bit about the songs we sing. The Repertoire Page shows how they include everything from old spirituals and early Gospel songs to ones that band members have written. We'll encourage you to sing along with as many of the songs that you can and, maybe, we'll teach you some that you may not know. Certainly, expect an evening with much banter and some humour.

Our concerts usually include Bible readings, if for no other reason than wanting to explain our name! We also like to include testimonies, given by the people who live where we go, that show how God works in their lives today.

Shortly after producing our initial recordings we explained a little about ourselves in an interview on the Internet radio station Faithful Radio. We've edited the recording so there's only a snippet of the tracks that were played during the interview.

Faithful Radio Interview

The Band's Members

Members of the BandLeft to Right: Simone, Steve, Diana, Gary and Greg

Simone Otieno
Simone (you pronounce the "eh" at the end) is German but came to Stalham via Kenya, where she had been a missionary and married local man Jeremiah Otieno. Jerry was studying to become ordained and came to Stalham to take a post as Pastoral Assistant at Stalham Baptist Church.
Simone can play guitar but concentrates on fiddle within the band.
Steve Smith
Steve hails from Manchester where he played in a number of bands playing 1960s pop music. He moved to Catfield, just south of Stalham, a few years ago.
Steve recently acquired his "violin bass" (Everyone old enough is now thinking of Paul McCartney!) and is extremely pleased with the sound he now gets from his instrument.
Diana Gordon
Diana is a Lancashire lass and moved to Stalham after meeting Greg. a few years ago. They are now married. A Christian since her teenage years, she currently serves as a deacon at Stalham Baptist Church.
Although she once won a talent competition accompanying herself on guitar in Blackpool, she now limits herself to singing and embellishing the bands sound with tambourine.
Gary Cunningham
A full time musician for many years, touring Europe and the US with a rock gospel band. He retired to Stalham and met up with fellow band member, Greg. They played together in a blues band before Out of Egypt was formed.
Gary is a first rate guitarist and has written some of the songs you are likely to hear at an Out of Egypt concert.
Greg Chapman
Greg hadn't had much to do with church since leaving Hereford Cathedral School. He began to attend church in Stalham as he got to know Diana and soon became involved in church music.
Greg sometimes plays as a one man band and will have a go at almost any instrument, from cajon or washboard, to guitar or banjo, but most say his best instrument is harmonica.